What is DocuChief?

DocuChief  is an Intelligent Document Processing software application that automatically identify, name, sort, and extract data from mortgage documents.

What is DC Dex ?

DC Dex is indexing module of DocuChief which accurately detects and classify documents based on their content.  With our unique DC-Auto feature of advanced machine learning technology you train with a few samples of each document type, and our DC-Auto-tune feature will give you market-leading accuracy almost instantaneously.

How can DC Dex help in submission of loan file?

You can leverage DC Dex to automatically arrange your PDF files in a defined stack order ready for submission to processing, underwriting, or investors. Stack orders are applied automatically for each investor.

What is DC Xtract ?

DC Xtract is data extraction module of DocuChief  thru which you can extract data from Structured, Semi-Structured and Un-Structured documents

What is DC Redact ?

DC Redact is unique module offered by DocuChief to  erase  sensitive data in any document like names, SSN, Address, Birth Dates, etc.,  

What is DC Mark ?

DC Mark is bookmark module offered under DocuChief product library which help you create bookmarks from any input format, including scanned documents or those created digitally

What are the types of documents Docuchief is familiar with?

DocuChief is trained on varied types of documents involved in Mortgage Banking.  It can recognize varied types of Collateral, Origination and Servicing documents. With a built in library of 5000+ documents, it can deliver prompt efficiencies.

Who should use DocuChief ?

DocuChief was conceived and designed by mortgage banking professionals to cater to Brokers, Originators, Servicers, Attorneys, etc.  Any player in US Mortgage banking domain who has to process large scale volume of documents and data can benefit from DocuChief’s features of auto-indexing and extraction.

What is the cost of DocuChief ?

We have both standard pricing and custom pricing models.  Our standard pricing is based on 3 offeringsTech Only: Tech + Training:Tech + Training + Processing:Our custom pricing model is provided on case to case basis, based on prospective client’s requirements, complexity and type of resources and solutions to be deployed. If you are interested to know more about our pricing, please contact us at: sales@docuchief.com