Why DocuChief

DocuChief (DC) is Nexval's flagship technology product, automating and  simplifying document processing across industries and expertise in the US Mortgage Banking Industry. Built on a tiered architecture, DC can be implemented both as a cloud solution or as a hybrid solution. DC leverages ML/AI algorithms and deep learning for document indexing (classification) and data extraction. Robust QC module and workflow management make DC a one stop solution for document processing. DC has the capability to provide output data in multiple formats like CSV, .jpg, .pdf, etc. DC is particularly useful for unstructured and scanned paper documents. DC helped our customers to gain time, save cost and achieve accuracy as high as 99%.


DocuChief comes with 2 Modules , it can be accessed individually or in combination.

DC Dex

Index and classify data with advanced ML algorithms.

DC Xtract

Extract data from any highly variable format or variation.


Stay Digital | Stay Ahead
Power Your Resources, Automate Processes Intelligently


Be Efficient | Be Accurate
Pending Loan Files, Not Pending Work

DocuChief automates mortgage lenders, originators,
servicers back-end processes

Case Study


Outsource and Reports Quality Manager

Your team has been doing a very great job. If you could relay my appreciation to them for the amount of errors they are detecting I would be grateful. It has done wonders for correcting our other vendors.

Operations Manager

Team, We appreciate your hard work and dedication to success and as an extension of our team, we are truly grateful that we are able to rely on your continued support. Thank you again.